7 Dropshipping Product Finder Tools For Fast Revenue Growth




Apr 9, 2024

One of the biggest issues with dropshipping is finding the right products to sell. Your entire marketing strategy and how you build your website revolves...

One of the biggest issues with dropshipping is finding the right products to sell. Your entire marketing strategy and how you build your website revolves around the products you choose.

You shouldn’t waste time and precious ad budget on testing—and you don’t have to. 

With a dropshipping product finder, you can identify products in niches with low barriers to entry, see your perfect target demographic, and consistently find winning products.

Can You Do Dropshipping Without a Product Finder?

E-commerce businesses like dropshipping need data-driven insights to achieve sustainable revenue year-round. 

Without a product finder, you’re left to manually scrape platforms like Facebook and TikTok, trying to find winning products for hours. And, you can’t always rely on engagement data from these platforms. 

Dropshipping product finders provide a clear overview of the market, in-depth trend data, and how you could angle marketing for specific products in a niche. 

7 Best Paid and Free Dropshipping Product Finder

Whether you’re looking for a new tool or just starting dropshipping, here’s our list of must-try free and paid product finder tools: 


WinningHunter has two powerful, exclusive features: filtering on ad set amount and TikTok Creative Ads watermark remover.

Here’s a look at the watermark remover in action: 

You can also access WinningHunter’s MagicAI search tool. Type a keyword or phrase, and WinningHunter will show products you can test. 

You can see the ad scores, number of ad sets, a shop’s revenue from selling the product, the total marketing budget spent on that creative, and how long the ad has been running.

If you click on any of these ads, you can view in-depth details about how a shop is scaling its ad campaigns and competitors also selling that product. 

When you see a product with less than 3-5 competitors scaling ads for it, you’ve found yourself a winning product with a low barrier to entry.

You can do all this without ever switching to another tool. The best part is you can test WinningHunter out for free today! 

 Pricing: Choosing an annual payment scheme saves you 40%

  • Basic Plan: €49/month or €441/year

  • Standard Plan: €79/month or €595/year

  • Premium Plan: €249/month or €2241/year

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

If you want to find products through the AliExpress, consider using its DS Center. You can use keywords to look for products or do an image search. To see more details on a specific product, copy the AliExpress product link and paste it into the Product Analysis tab. 

The tool shows the number of orders, product ratings, variants, and logistics performance. It’s a good starting point but doesn’t provide streamlined access to competitor data. On the upside, AliExpress’s DS Center is completely free. 


When you first open AutoDS, you’re greeted with a marketplace of the hottest products in popular categories like home improvement, pets, fitness, and fashion. 

One key advantage is finding a direct correlation between the hottest products and current trends, allowing you to position your marketing strategy to align with those products. 

AutoDS also has an automated dropshipping product finder that lists up to 1,000 potential winning products. The list will include product info, key features, and variations. 


  • Import: $9.90/month

  • Starter: $17.90/month

  • Advanced: $32.90/month

MyAd Finder

MyAd Finder’s browser extension transforms your Facebook newsfeed into a collection of potential revenue-generating product ads. However, you’re limited to viewing engagement data. 

Their dashboard allows you to search for products based on keywords, filters, fulfillment platforms, and Facebook reactions. 

If you need in-depth data, click the “Details” button at the bottom of a product ad. This button reveals the ad copy, how long it has been running, a graph of views over time, and other popular products a competitor sells. 


  • Free: 500 research credits/month

  • Standard: $39/month for 10,000 research credits

  • Premium: $89/month for 50,000 research credits

  • Pro: $149/month for 100,000 research credits


Mineia is a dropshipping spy tool for Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok. Its Ads dashboard shows hot products, which you can filter by popularity, engagement, eCom platform, or call-to-action. 

You can streamline product research and creative production with tools like one-click visual customization and generative AI copywriting, but this is only available from higher-tier plans. 

At a glance, Mineia works like AutoDS. You gain access to engagement metrics and simple demographic data. But Mineia stands out because it’s a platform where influencers can partner with shops to get product placements. 


  • Starting: $49/month

  • Premium: $99/month

  • Business: $399/month

Facebook Ads Library

Ads Library is a free tool perfect for beginner dropshippers. The logic behind finding winning products on Facebook Ads Library is simple. You only need to find ad sets that a seller is scaling for longer periods. 

Sponsored ads cost money. Sellers that scale ad sets must have a good return on investment (ROI) if they continue to scale advertisements for a particular product. 

The downside of using it is the lack of advanced search filters. You need to enter a keyword or advertiser to see ad results. However, you can easily circumvent this using the “zero width joiner” emoji, allowing you to view results from various categories and niches.  

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is a solid product finder if you focus mainly on getting products from AliExpress. You can view in-depth sales figures, how much revenue products can generate, and the latest trending products. 

Dropship Spy curates winning products based on trends, sales data, and ad volume. You also gain access to product suppliers, product review files, and key indicators. 

Pricing: $39/month.

Key Takeaways

You need to leverage the right tools to consistently find winning products for your dropshipping business.

TLDR: Here are seven of the best dropshipping product finders we recommend:

  • WinningHunter: Best for competitor research, trends, and provides in-depth ad set data. 

  • AliExpress DS Center and FB Ads Library: Best free tools for beginners. 

  • AutoDS and Mineia: Best for finding trending products and marketing insights.

  • MyAd Finder: Best if you’re focusing on simple engagement data.

  • Dropship Spy: Best for dropshippers looking for products on AliExpress

Dropshipping isn’t a guessing game. To boost revenue, you need access to in-depth and actionable ad data. That’s where WinningHunter can help! Find winning products today! 

We already know what works before you even have the chance to blink!

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