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Apr 9, 2024

Studies suggest that finding a winning product is the most crucial step toward running a successful dropshipping business. So, what constitutes a winning...

Studies suggest that finding a winning product is the most crucial step toward running a successful dropshipping business.

So, what constitutes a winning product? In this article, we'll explore how to find dropshipping products and how to ensure the products you pick will sell.

What Makes a Winning Dropshipping Product?

According to a paper published in the MPRA, four pillars make a winning product. Understanding these pillars establishes criteria for conducting product research. 

Magnetic Element 

Winning products have a “wow” factor that attracts your audience, keeps them interested, and makes them want to buy. Think of products that solve problems or ones with unique features. 

If a product can solve unconsidered needs or differentiate itself from similar products, it is more likely to go viral through your marketing or ad campaigns.  

Multiple Marketing Angles

Most products you find likely exist in saturated markets. But if your product has a “wow” factor, you can market it within subsets of a niche through multiple marketing angles. 

Let’s say you’re selling a humidifier, a product in the home appliance niche. That market is already saturated.

Instead, you can market it as a “humidifier that eliminates pet odor.” Now, you’re targeting the pet supplies and accessories niche with a unique product. 

High Perceived Value

Customers are more likely to purchase products with high perceived value. These products solve problems, are evergreen, and have consistent market demand.

Branding, messaging, and the overall customer experience also affect perceived value.


Don’t sell products that customers can easily find in the nearest department store. This excludes everyday products like generic gadgets, bathroom amenities, and cleaning supplies. 

You want products that are as exclusive as possible. The product could be exclusive because of a unique feature, personalized packaging, or availability. 

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products: A Step-By-Step Guide

Follow these steps to consistently find winning dropshipping products with a magnetic element, multiple marketing angles, high perceived value, and exclusivity.  

Use Dropship Spy Tools

Dropshop spy tools, like WinningHunter, let you browse thousands of potential winning products. You can also use filters to zero in on specific niches or products about to scale. 

In this example, we used WinningHunter’s ad filters to find winning ads actively running from dropship-only stores within the last two weeks.

We found a short-sleeved t-shirt from a store that’s just starting to scale ad campaigns. Next, we want to check the product against our established winning product criteria. 

The product is a grey shirt that fits the fashion “essentials” line. Initial ad copies say it’s a “shirt you can wear all year.”

We could also market the shirt as an essential piece of clothing perfect for layering. Since the shirt is made of polyester and stretchable fabric, we could also sell it as a yoga essential. 

When we check the product page, it shows quality photos, a clean website design, and access to different variations, which gives it a high perceived value. 

The shop also differentiates the product from competitors by using “Light Heather Grey,” a recently trending color palette, which shows exclusivity. 

Conduct Market Trend Research

Market research can confirm demand for the winning products we found with our dropship spy tools. Looking at Google Trends, we can see a steady volume of queries for “Heather Grey.” 

Google Trends can also give valuable insights, such as query volume by region and related terms, which we can use to find more winning products. 

For example, we saw that Minnesota had the highest search query volume. You could target people from that state.

We also found that “Charcoal Grey Shirt” is rising in popularity, another potential winning product within the fashion niche. 

Competitor Research

WinningHunter can immediately spot competitors selling the same product and its variants. Just click on the ad and click “Find Competitors.”

We found no competitors running Heather grey shirt ads. The shop selling the product had three ad sets using the same creative, which means we found a product that’s just about to scale. 

With WinningHunter, we can see that the ads are already generating revenue. If you use a dropship spy tool without this feature, you can go directly to the seller’s “best-sellers” page. 

Products with actively running ads on the “best-sellers” page indicate that the ad campaigns are working and generating revenue. 

Find Suppliers for the Product

To find suppliers, you can do an image search or use keywords to find similar products on sites like AliExpress, Alibaba, or CJDropshipping.

Here’s a supplier we found on AliExpress for the Heather grey shirt. 

We can confirm that it’s a similar product since both share the same fabric compositions. The most significant difference is the quality of the product images, and the marketing.

Create Better Marketing Angles Than Competitors

Marketing can turn boring products, like a grey shirt, into something desirable. In the seller’s case, they promoted the shirt as a “heather grey” shirt and a “year-round” essential. 

If you want to create a better marketing angle, try appealing to a lifestyle, finding niche subsets, the product could work in, or creating higher-quality creatives than your competitors. 

As mentioned, the “heather grey” shirt could work in the health and fitness apparel niche. You could also niche down and promote the product as yoga apparel.

To streamline this process, you can use tools like DropBot, an eCommerce ideation tool that automatically creates different marketing angles for your winning products. 

Key Takeaways

Dropshipping product research is an exhaustive task. But with the fundamentals, criteria, and dropship spy tools, you can find winning products in minutes. Let’s recap what you need to do:

  • Understand the four pillars of a winning product

  • Leverage drop ship spy tools with access to advanced filters and in-depth sales data

  • Confirm market demand using trend analysis tools

  • Do competitor research 

  • Find suppliers for the product using reverse image search or keywords

  • Create better marketing angles

With WinningHunter, you can find winning dropshipping products in minutes, see competitors selling similar products, and catch trending products as they’re about to scale. Try it out for free today! 

We already know what works before you even have the chance to blink!

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